Worth the money

Escorting was center of my attention for a good couple of years. Now I am in the scene for about 5 years I am more focused onto my overall civvy life. Escorting has been there constantly, but setting up an appointment and going for an appointment has become very natural thing of my life by now.

When I first put an ad to a directory site and within 3 month making an website, I was on the web a lot getting information on this hobby. Now I rarely do, you maybe surprised, I may google for update info like twice a year.

These couple of days I was on the web reading about things, and re-realize that I am getting well paid. My hourly rate is on higher side. Some people may laugh on this because there are ladies who are seriously expensive, but oh well, whole lot more majority of girls are charging less or equal to I do.

So it comes to one’s mind – Does Eunhee Lee worth the rate she is charging for?

I never negotiate with my fee. At least after this website was up I never did. Only for the first couple of month I started escorting I agreed to minor discount maybe 3 times. Sometimes I have to cancel or get seriously late and that is only occasion that I offer discount from my side.

Anyhow, my family and my peers are not rich loaded people. I make far more money on escorting than my civvy job so I know the how the real world is like. 500 dollars for 1 hour is not cheap. It is not crazy expensive either, but considering cheaper option available one may choose other girls and save some bucks for other things. I could get less client for the rate, maybe very less, but I am not considering on going lower as making as much money as I can is not really my goal.

Now back to the topic. The thing I hate the most is the feeling that I am ripping someone off. Put hands on my heart, yes I have felt in such way quite a few times before. There are people who makes me feel that I am giving them so-so value for their money. And sometimes I feel very satisfied knowing that I have done more than enough of the money’s worth. I think the ratio comes like 2:5:3. The latter 30% is great, and I can feel okay about the 50%, but those 20% bothers me a lot and gets me thinking how to get rid of those 20% of undigestable feeling afterwards. I’ve been thinking on that matter for quite some time now. And I’m thinking that it does not just depend on my part but also on the client. A client could be nervous, which is the most easy issue that can be taken care of, but there are still some helplessly nervous guys (very few). Other than that issue, it could be many other subtle things, but sometimes things aren’t just as great as it could possibly be. Some things are out of my hand or effort. So now changing the question, not what I can do for a better session but what they can do for it?

The term GFE is all over to be seen. It is easily heard of. But have you thought of BFE? Some guys just see an escort as ‘sex’ itself, which is certainly a different definition from a girlfriend. We are sex for them, not a girlfriend or yet, not even a person for them. They are only imagining hard pounding of intercourse itself and book. But the reality is all vaginas are attached to a real person so even escorts can never be just sex. I am a huge fan of simple fuck, it gets me a lot horny too but do keep in mind that it comes with meeting a wholesome person as well. If you do want this though, you can manage it – just be determined, well mannered, and know what you want and do.

But the BFE might also be a wrong attitude in this. You are not booking an escort to make a girlfriend nor do I. How about seasoned punter experience? I guess the more experienced you are, the more natural you can be. You have more room in your mind to really enjoy the time and more adaptable to whatever situation. One might have lots of experience on dating or sex itself, but some of people struggle for not having enough p4p experience. On the other hand some guys leave me seriously positive impression on how they manage the vibe. If you are not really a ‘seasoned’ guy, don’t worry. It comes with time and experience, everyone starts from novice and gain the experience in exchange of their time, money and effort. So it’s fair game to all, if you long for it, you’ll get it one day. The crash course on how to be alike one is I think talking to right peers. I don’t know if my assumption on this is right or wrong, but I believe almost all male buy an escort at least once in their life. There can be all kinds of experts, like ‘I-KNOW-HOW’. But do select well on which advice you follow. In my opinion guys in 50’s or 60’s who has been through fair share of things in their life are truly veterans. They must have been through lots of dating, sex, relationship, and paying to get laid. They have experience of being a punter at their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and further on. They have overall knowledge on how things are.

Now, let’s hope we all fulfill our libido to its maximum. Good night!

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