Fake men

Just living my days I realize I really made to ‘adulthood’. Means that I feel I am mature in terms of everything, 22~23 years old feels no different from teens to me. They are slightly bigger in size compare to kids. Old women thoughts lol (I am 30 something)

I am wondering if I am really a nymphomaniac or simply a human who is relaxed enough to enjoy. I really like sex but I do get fair share of disappointment when engaging into one. Mileage has been varying.

Sometimes just random thoughts comes to your mind. Today I suddenly thought of those ‘fake men’ that I come across from time to time.

I think you have heard of the term ‘fake moan’ at least once. Those of porn actresses or working girls. Fake moans happens to deliver fake moan itself, to satisfy the partner, or as a part of job, basically anything but out of orgasm. Hence fake. Men don’t seem to like it. In girl’s perspective, there is one thing comes to my mind that gets me turned off.

Foreplay – even for paid sex or one night stand these always comes in to the scene. Never once had straight away opening my 2 bottom limbs and straight away penetration. Although, with copious amount of boiling hot lust that would make hot time as well 🙂

Anyway when men performs foreplay on women, some guys works so hard and delivers the exact opposite outcome (turn off). Mostly the guys who are obsessed with rough DATY or fingering. Fingering is something I rarely allow, it just screams the men ego saying “I want women jizz of my technic!!” It’s more about them feeling superior of knowing how-to make women go crazy, not really about giving pleasure to the women if that makes any sense to you.

It is called ‘love making’ for a reason, being butt naked and literally connected to each other really is an intimate thing. You can really feel everything, how horny you are, how much you are into it, how relaxed you are or how insecure you are, sometimes how awkward you are (of those one night stands or of inexperienced partner).

Fingering attempt only happens out of 3 reasons.

  • Guys who wants satisfaction for their own ego of making a girl cum
  • Guys who are not confident at sex (namely not lasting long) and wants something else to make it up for
  • Guys who just heard of it and didn’t really tried and just wanna give it a go

Either way I can literally hear what goes on in their mind. Those of ‘fake guys’ are like this. (applies for DATY too)

‘Oh yeah, I wanna feel superior, oh yeah I wanna feel superior, yeah I wanna feel superior!! Oh come on SCREAM NOW so that I know that I am a king’.

After receiving this for a while you realize that this is JUST FOR THEM and nothing about women really. And if the loud OH does not happen they get frustrated and go crazy wild in a very wrong way. Never a pleasure from here. More ‘enthusiastic’ they become, worse it gets. I think these guys has some sort of problem of their daily life. If men want satisfaction out of sex, simple blow job and go on with sex like everyone else is rather normal thus sane. While this somewhat of a dependence on women’s hard orgasm to feel male-hood superiority seems rather more mentally complex. Some are very stubborn and insist on doing this until THEY feel satisfied enough, I sometimes guide them to feel better pleasure, but they often ignore as if they are in women’s body and knows right way to do which always bring the exact opposite effect. It is serious turn off. I believe all other women feel same way, I call it ‘fake’, as in ‘faking like they aim to give women pleasure when in fact they don’t give a crap about women’s enjoy’.

In case 2 I can hear them going like this in their mind. ‘oh bear me sometime while I do this. This is standard procedure for me. I am not overly excited about this nor really my thing. It’s just routine I do. I lack at some other parts in sex so this is the answer I came up with. I won’t be a disappointment, since I do this all the time like routine. But no much of passion’. Generally feels okay but not super good. So-so okay. Though they think it is good thing to do for women (in a considerate way) I can really pass on this. Feels little mechanical too. I guess men had their share of mechanical experience so I think you would know how I feel. Guys who does DATY or other forms of foreplay just out of courtesy for a women feels similar to these guys. There are people who really loves giving women pleasure and really passionate about it and that’s totally different story and I love it. Out of courtesy (etiquette-ish procedure) / really enjoying mutual pleasure / seeking his own pleasure to feel superior, these are all detectable and feels very different. So how much pressure, strength, whatever of ‘technic’ matters little, your mindset and genuine passion is what really matters.

In case 3 it is as if they don’t know which direction they are heading. Like lost in the intersection. Hesitation, uncertainty on which way to go. Cute, understandable, not bad so so good but can’t be best. They can’t focus because they don’t know if they are doing it right or not. They want to know if they are doing it right but then they really don’t know how to confirm if they are doing right.

But there are far more genuine DATY lovers out there than the ‘fake guys’. I’m in this hobby for rather long years now, but can’t seem to quit it yet as I like getting laid. Let’s all have fantastic night. Best wishes!


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