BDSM is not a sex novelty

It is rather an ultimate, and artistic form of love making.

Today I want to talk about this film – L’Empire des Sens, which is based on real event.

I’ve been indulging myself into BDSM play for a while. What I realized during this journey is that, most of people are not really into ‘pain’ itself. Obviously, (almost) no one likes pain. Well there are ones who does want pain, but let’s talk about that later when given chance.

So on the ground that no one really enjoys pain, what would make you to let your partner to hurt you? What if you really love your partner, and want to make your partner happy at whatever cost? Maybe some pain, maybe some severe pain, maybe even your life itself?

What would it feel like to see your partner taking severe pain, whilst not liking pain, but taking it for your pleasure? Would it make you excited? Would it make you feel like you ‘own’ them? Let’s face it – we all want to ‘own’ our lovers, we just pretend to be civilized.

Sometimes watching a fine movie will teach you the things that you couldn’t figure out from real life. Would it feel orgasmic to chock your lover to death?




Last winter I attended to a BDSM event and wrote an article here. I quote myself.

I was especially touched by how ‘affectionate’ it was. It was truly about caring someone. The ‘tier’ was inducing and adjusting pain to meet the partner’s pleasure level. Delicate process of reading the tiee’s mind was there, and it was so caring. The ‘tiee’ on the other hand, was in a pure enjoyment by having the partner’s handling.


So in the spectrum of ’50 shades of grey’ which grey do you belong to? Would you take pain for your lover? Or would you induce pain for your lover?

What is certain here is that there are so many ways to enjoy art of BDSM. Instead of going in and out a same cave, BDSM has a whole variety of spectrum that you can choose from.

Vanilla is the most popular, and probably the most tasty flavor. But tonight I want some strawberry. I hope you keep on searching as well until you try all 31 of them.

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  1. I’m really happy you found BDSM. We had a session last year that I find myself thinking about to this day. You opened me to some new things and made me a better sub. I only hope that I can come back to Korea someday and serve you again.

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