Discover the city

Seoul is a destination to many short term visitors. You want to try our food, see the local sights, know a little about culture and history, have a peep in local’s lives in the happening areas. … and you want a charming date 😉 List all ticked now just get ready to have it all served!



Up to 6 hours1,200,0001,200920
First 2 hours at your accommodation for private relaxation

Meal time (some restaurant suggestions are listed below)

Visit to one sight and discovering nearby area
/ Or quick visit to 2 sights
Up to 10 hours1,500,0001,5001,150
First 2 hours at your accommodation for private relaxation

Meal time (some restaurant suggestions are listed below)

Visit to 2~3 sights

Meal and casual drink, hug and good bye 😉
* transportation and entry fees are not included



Sights to visit

Namsan-gol Hanok Village

Hanok is traditional Korean styled house. This is small village where you can see a cluster of old fashioned Korean houses with lovely garden and a pond. Lots of cultural experience activities are held year round.

Jongmyo Shrine

Joseon dynasty was based on Confucianism. It emphasizes the importance of your root and performs annual ritual towards your ancestors. This is the shrine dedicated to royals of Joseon dynasty and annual ritual is still on going. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sight.

Gilsang-sa Temple

Gilsang-sa temple is a Buddhist temple, but the style of building and its interior is not the orthodox style of Korean Buddhist temple. This temple has interesting hidden story behind which explains the style of the premise. It is located in quiet residential area where the prestiges of Korea’s are living.


A museum of SAMSUNG’s private art collections. My favorite museum out of all museums of Seoul. It has great collections of Antique Korean art pieces as well contemporary art collections.


Royal tombs of Joseon dynasty. It is quiet park in the middle of Gangnam area. A UNESCO World Heritage sight.

Seodaemun Prison History Museum & Dongnimmun Independence Gate

Seodaemun Prison was a place where Japanese held Koreans involved in independence movement during the colonial period. Once put here, human rights were deprived and victims were tortured. It is often described as Korean Auschwitz. An independence monument called Dongnimmun Gate was built next to it afterwards.

Tong In Traditional Market

Tong In Market is a traditional market located near from Gyungbokgung Palace. Its street food stalls are popular and famous.

Un Hyun Gung Palace

Seoul has several palaces such as the most famous Gyungbokgung Palace. It is best to visit 1~2 palaces if you want to mark your tourist check list. But mind you, all of those palaces are very touristic and packed with tourists. Most part of Korean palaces has been demolished during the colonial era and Korean war, and are being reconstructed. The fact that most of the decoratives are moved to museums makes it look less impressive than it can be, too. All other sights in Seoul can be traveled and discovered on your own, but the palaces are the place where you definitely need a proper guide to fill you in with cultural and historical stories behind it. Because seeing what it is left in once demolished courtyard, you need a person to help you connect the dots and draw pictures in your mind with stories, which will help you see what can’t be seen now.

While other bigger and more popular palaces can be seen, the least lavish Un Hyun Gung is my go to place though. It is far less crowded and much more quiet compare to other places, makes it better place to have a look in quiet peace and sit down for a sip of coffee looking at the artistic rooftop structure combined with blue sky behind.

Bukchon Village

Bukchon is an authentic residential village (unlike Namsan-gol which is a touristic spot with empty houses set up to be seen by tourists) that has complex of Korean traditional styled Kiwa-jip houses. This mid sized village is near to Seoul’s main palace, and nobles who worked in the palace mostly lived in this area. There are lots of small galleries, tea houses and eateries, perfect day out spot for some strolling around in the old fashioned village and tea time.



Cuisine choices (but doesn’t necessarily choose from these)

Poom Seoul ($$$)

Refined Korean cuisine serving course menus. Vegetarian course is available and cater to other kinds of other dietary choices.

Super Pan ($$)

Korean casual dining

Woo Lae Oak ($$)

Korean style cold noodles and bulgogi (marinated and grilled thinly sliced beef). Very popular by locals and always crowded. But the taste is the best!

Sungnyemun ($$)

Korean BBQ (beef).

Done Zone ($$)

Korean BBQ (pork).

Bukchang-dong Soondubu ($)

Spicy Tofu stew, selections of extra toppings are various.

Hummus Kitchen ($)

Halal food can now easily be found throughout Seoul. This is one of my favorite choice among them.


Very neat Japanese restaurant.