If I have to describe myself in one word, it will be a ‘geek’.

I was naturally interested in all study matters – literature, history, art, philosophy and science.

I was brought up in very normal household with rather challenged financial status,

But I was able to receive elite education (private highschool and top rank university) because my scores exceeded.

I speak several languages and my major is linguistics related,

Minoring in business administration, took most of classes in English or even some other languages.


I indulge myself into whatever that leads my curiosity, I am never afraid to adventure.

In my adventure days in early 20’s, while being on the road,

I accidentally stepped into the private companion world in London.

I was like a lost baby who crawled into dark cave not knowing what’s inside,

But I found fun, and captured by it so I am still hobbying even after returning.


I am the most unlikely type of person you would assume to find in escort industry.

Some people find it refreshing,

Some people find it just odd (neither positive nor negative),

And some people do show dislike, probably due to my very ordinary looks and plump body shape (UK size 16).

So if you expect a model, sugar babe, or extra slutty services such as PSE, please do not proceed with booking.


What I enjoy from escorting is all aspect of any human interaction.

I love interacting with people from various background.

I like ‘smart chat’ and wouldn’t matter where that happens.

I enjoy from street food to exquisite fine dining, I am well used to / can adapt to all types of eateries or lounges.

As an art enthusiast, I like shows, museums, galleries and architecture.

I am also well traveled and take regular personal trips throughout the world,

Including frequent museum or gallery fatigue days.


One can never judge a book by its cover,

While having the most innocent look you can ever imagine,

I have very kinky soul and have been indulged in all sorts of adult adventures,

While being in private relationships, escorting clients, and with BDSM perverts 😉

I enjoy very much of what I am doing,

Because it gives me high physical pleasure and satisfy my curiosity.

I am always very happy and healthy companion to have around, with extensive knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

As I can’t enjoy more my double life,

I am planning to keep on pursuing this for the foreseeable future,

And wish to write journals here to share my experiences and thoughts.

In brief…

in early 30’s

not short, not tall

glamorous figure with ample C cup size breasts

speaks fluent English with little hint of Engrish

at a stage of bi-curious as well as domme-curious 😉







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