Eunhee Lee

After yet another day at work, or after long flight to Korea, you’ve got some time to spare. Don’t you wanna enjoy something?

But it’s already dark in the night. And there’s nobody to company you.

Maybe if there’s just somebody to talk to, who you can have NORMAL conversation with.

Somebody local who can tell you stories about Seoul and Korea, who puts on nice dress and even nicer smile?

What a bonus if that person is a SHE, a young, attractive and classy lady?

Who takes charge of her own life, confident and independent enough to say ‘no’ at times?

A girl who doesn’t fake. And your mileage WILL vary.

Because you want somebody natural, you don’t want somebody mechanical.


There’s a simple girl, who’s going through normal life. Except that she has exotic hobby!

She isn’t a ‘stereotypical’ hobbyist. She was never trained, or intended to be one.

She just loves to have good time.

She enjoys adventures. Something different, exciting and sexy! She doesn’t wanna miss out on FUN in her life.


She is…

in late 20’s

not short, not tall

voluptuous curves with ample C cup size breasts

…and great hips (You like big butts you can not lie!)

speaks fluent English with little hint of Engrish

at a stage of bi-curious as well as domme-curious 😉


Welcome to her website.

She likes to wear fancy stockings.

If you wish to help her afford one, knock here.







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