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I had chance to enjoy yet another different fetish! It’s called ‘trampling’ which is stepping over guy’s body. You can do this with bare foot, or with stiletto high heels! This cute young guy who has introduced me to this fun was actually a first-timer himself. So we agreed on doing bare foot only, and took it slow. I had practical concern about this, which is how to keep myself balanced onto somebody’s soft stomach but it was much easier than I thought.

As always, I had great fun playing. I kept him under my feet and made him stay that way. I started to press his abdomen with my one leg and then gradually transferred more and more weight onto that leg. He was breathing okay but then his breath got shorter and shorter as I give him more pressure on his stomach. Finally I put myself completely onto him and stood with my both feet. But he couldn’t handle that for too long.

It could be fun to keep practice this and make him get better at holding me on for longer. Can’t wait for my 2nd session of trampling.


    1. Very erotic! I should try this next time, need to work on my 6 pack and no I don’t need stiletto high heels on my stomach. I learn something new everyday. Thanks for the posting.

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