Being in this business for a while, I developed couple of super senses. Which is how to tell if a guy is full of %@#$.

One thing, I can say for sure, is that if someone drops these lines, they are the ones to be avoided.


Which are

– I am young / good looking

– I am very rich



– You should give me more of your picture, face picture

– You should discount / not use protection / make exception for me about this and that and so on and so on and on



– I am special, you see I am good looking young dude!


Today I had chance to talk to one of this needy prince charming.


I work for an important investment firm and I can’t be seen with an unattractive girl or a girl who looks like she’s a ‘working girl’. Unfortunately that’s how corporate culture is where I am from. I insist to see your face.

Apart from totally ignoring my website saying I don’t share face picture / I conduct in very discreet way, these snobbish people tends to think they are given superior rights because they think they are better than others. And those who are below them should comply.


Also I do not want to wear a condom. I simply cannot finish with one. This part of the reason I’m looking for a high class escort. I do not want any diseases. I assure you, I am professional and clean.

Client could be ridden with HIV on top of syphilis, but all he has to do to get laid with “high class escort” is just to say “I am disease free!”. If a girl does it with one client, so will she with others. And in my books, that’s nowhere near high class.

So my requirement (no face picture) can be ignored, but his requirement (no protection) should comply, because, well,


I am young, handsome, well dressed and can be quite witty and charming.

Ah sure!


My whore life is full of fun and no snobs will be part of it! 😉

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