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Another e-mail that got me upset today.

You have mentioned in your website that you do not provide ‘Face Photos’. Can you please make an exception and email me your facial photo. It can be partial. I don’t like surprises and believe me, there have been a few. I would love to see you lips. Rest assured, all the emails will be deleted before I leave Seoul.

While it may sound like polite request, my website clearly says I don’t send face picture and I need to be discreet (for my sake too!). What my website also says is that I don’t want to treat anybody differently. No one will be given exceptional treatment as it’s just not fair. He decided to overlook this and asked me anyway. But my rules are solid and making it sound “nicer” wouldn’t change that.

What also makes me upset is, I thought obvious reason for hiding face is about privacy, it is so obvious that everybody would think the same. But it seems I am wrong, apparently not having face shot screams ugly face! If you can’t afford any surprise, and absolutely needs to see the face photo then you should do so. That is your rule, that is what you’re comfortable to do. As it’s already said on my FAQ page, I couldn’t care less about having less clients.

If you can’t sympathize with escort’s concern for privacy, let’s put it this way. You want to write something on punter’s forum, and their rule is you must upload your head shot, would you be comfortable to write anything there? Letting whole world to know that you’re punting? And if you’re not comfortable with it, is it because you care about how you look? Or is it because you don’t want to be recognized from someone like your family and colleagues?

One other thing that bugs me recently is “age”. There are so many people thinking escort age is total fake. And.. well I can agree, it is happening a lot. It was just my choice to go with my own age rather then taking couple of years off. I didn’t think 27 is so old that I have to lie. Personally even if I was 37 or 47, I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable to say so. But it seems, to many guys 27 equals 35 or even 40 or something. While it can satisfy my sanity knowing that I tried not to lie, it wouldn’t mean anything if nobody believes it. I am seriously thinking whether I should go with the “industry rule” – if real age doesn’t work in this industry then it’s me who must change. It seems proper “escort age” for mine is about 22. You’re just gonna add at least 5 years from it and that’s about my real age anyway. 😛

If one day my profile changes to 22, please don’t blame me as the whole world is making me to. And I feel that day is soon to come..

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  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I (1) appreciate your honesty, as I would rather know that a woman is “older” than have her lie and be surprised when I meet her in person. (2) I personally like women that are a bit older (late 20’s into their 30’s) than the “desired” or “expected” age, because I have found in my experience that if the women is a bit older she exudes more maturity and openness. She also tends to be more into the experience. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are “young” women that exude maturity, and are good at what they do, but I have just found that with time the wine gets sweeter. So 22, 27, or 37 I’m ok, as long as we can mutually enjoy the experience.

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