Discretion. Manners. Hygiene.

To make sure we have pleasant date, these are the things that I appreciate from you.

On outcall location, I will try my best not to draw any wrong attention. I expect you to do the same.

I enjoy what I do and love going out for dates. I expect you to treat me as your date, because I am! 😉

Please shower shortly before I arrive, trim your finger nails and brush your teeth. I will also need to use the shower.


Booking process

I don’t take phone calls for bookings. Please contact to my e-mail for inquiries and booking request. Once I have enough information to go out on a booking, I will send you the confirmation. I might not be able to reply right away, but I normally reply within 12 to 48 hours. If you need to inform me for last minute changes, don’t worry. I check my mails very promptly when close to appointment time so as long as you send me an e-mail to notify sudden changes, I will get it in time.


Considerations for outcall

For all hotel outcalls, you need to provide me your surname and room number. For personal residence, decision is on my discretion and I might reject the request. Your house needs to be well known apartment complex with good security. If it’s not a big complex then I only go to areas that I am familiar with. (Drop me an e-mail with which apartment complex, or area you’re living in, I will get back to you with my answer). If you want to use a motel for appointment, I don’t go to motels that are in unfamiliar areas, or in back of alley ways. We should discuss about which motel to go.


I am independent

I am independent escort and this means following things. I am not forced to do the job so I am happy of what I CHOSE to do. I do not have to answer to anybody, I work within my comfort zone. This keeps me stress free – I won’t be grumpy, under pressure, unhygienic or unhealthy when I meet you.

I am the only girl described on my advert. Agencies have hard time presenting genuine picture. Girls don’t stay with agency forever, they come and go a lot, many agencies simply don’t bother to keep their “employee” list up to date, might just throw any picture they think is suitable. I just don’t have reason to use fake picture, as I am the only person on offer here. Agency also need to guarantee income to number of girls, meaning that they need to get lots of works from clients, therefore use nice (but fake) picture to catch your eyes. I hear lots of complains that Korean escorts almost always use fake picture. The reason for that is there are not many independent escorts here, and things work differently between agencies and independents. This is not meant to talk behind agencies but to point out the difference.

I made this website, I manage all my advert on directory site, and it’s ALWAYS myself who answers when you contact to my ad. Advantage of talking to very person can be huge, and this works both ways. If I do not feel that you’re polite to a girl, I will simply decline your appointment request. I am trying very hard to make the point to you, that I am not a prostitute, but a companion. Despite my hard effort trying get this message across, people doubt whether this is ‘switch and bait’ or ‘wham bam’ type of provider. I’d like to address you that, I am not. If I feel insulted such way, appointment will be declined no matter how nice you make it sound like.

Simple fact. It’s almost always better to not have the middle person, in any kind of business.