It’s been 6 months

that I purchased my own domain.

This has been great fun and such an experience, I can confidently say that I enjoyed very much. Which brings me questions like, how long should I keep doing this? Do I want to do it for long – yes. But should I? What’s your opinion?

Anyway, questions aside, today I want to talk about few things I wanted to tell to my visitors.

I am trying to stay interactive, using blog and twitter. I wish I can be more open about myself and all, but I can’t dare as I want to stay as anonymous as possible. Whenever I feel like to talk about something, I end up holding back. What I talk about and how I talk about it can reveal too much of who I am and for the sake of anonymity I shouldn’t. I am following some other escorts too, some of them takes lots of selfies. I wish I can try that too but I care about the background, what I am wearing, how I pose, such little details which can also give me away. Am I too paranoid? Maybe.

One more thing is that, as I am occupied with other job, trying to keep two jobs has been quite an adventure sometimes. I felt overwhelmed at times, I am sorry that I had to say “no” very often. And I like to tour other cities and countries too, this has been another reason why I had to say no to the local clients during the time of tours. And for the sudden event such as period, I had to cancel at times. This won’t change unfortunately, I wish you can bare with me though.

Having my own domain and working independently feels as if I am running an actual business. I am branding myself. Makes me feel that I should develop this “brand” further, and better. I really wish I am on a right track and keep becoming better. Interact with me anytime, if you have any ideas or feedback to share me.

I didn’t upload any selfies until now and I don’t intend to from now on too, for the reason I just wrote above. But this is just one bonus for the guys who cared enough to see this post. I took this as the verification photo for a directory site, taken in hotel because I didn’t want to include my own place as background. So I feel safe enough to share this. Bye for now! xx



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