I travel national-wide

As I am involved with a job that requires frequent travel all national wide,

I can be available in other cities including minor cities of South Korea.


I was quite fussy about not taking any inquiry out of Seoul for years,

But there were some constant demand.

So I started to try mixing some escorting when I visit other parts of Korea,

And I realized some interesting unique characters are there, which differ from one city to another.


One of the big fun of doing escorting is mixing with different type of men.

Not only I meet multi-national clients from all race and culture in Seoul,

I also resided and toured overseas many times, which allowed me to pick and taste every type of berries.

Only to find out there are domestic species I need to discover right here in Korea…


One thing is I do need to travel quite often for civvy work,

But sometimes I just answer to requests just for the sake of trying.

So that’s why I go with hassle, so don’t hesitate to inquire.

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