I am deeply fond of Domme – Sub interaction. And I would like to offer long term engagement service.
I believe this is rather desirable way compared to one off meeting type of session.

Amongst all things we can do, I find ‘chastity key holding’ to be the most erotic.



Contract duration is a month.
To make it simple, all new / renew of contract starts every 1st date on each month.

Fee for this is 1,000,000 won.

1 in person meeting session and everyday contact is main aspect of this contract.


What it entails

1. You may / may not wear chastity cage. It is upto your preference and situation. In case you decide to wear this, I hold the key.

2. 1 email exchange per day or 1 phone call per day. You choose which, you can also mix this depending on each day.

3. One actual meeting session is included – duration is 2 hrs long. Date and time will be discussed.



1. You choose and buy your own chastity cage. I think it is important to find a right cage that suits you the best.

2. I don’t do financial domination. So no other tips or gift is expected.

3. 50% of fee need to be settled on the starting day. Other 50% can be settled on our meeting day.

4. If we do get close enough, and go on doing more things than 2 hrs of session, the cost of those will be ‘dutch pay’ – split the cost half and half. For example, I, or you may want to visit other BDSM related convention or gatherings – travel cost and other fees may happen. We may simply want to sit down and have coffee, cocktail or meal. Reason I want to split the cost is because I am into this hobby as much as you are, and I am as much independent participant of this activity as yourself.



This long-term service is only available for Domme – Sub type of session.
I don’t offer the same thing for escorting clients. I don’t do sugar babe dates.

I want genuine male/female sub fetishists.
I may require reference from your previous Domme (either professional or civilian).
More reference the better.
If you’re first timer, you must be older than 35.



I am considering about sissification service in future.
If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to inquire.